Rhema's 1st Movie2  Rio 2 April 2014 SNAG-0001Oh, Yeah, It’s Show Time!

Rhema got to see her first movie!

Rhema's 1st Movie Rio 2 April 2014Rhema loved the movie!  She loved all the birds, colors and singing!  She kept talking about the lights along the floor that leads to the exits; she was fascinated with the line of lights!  LOL!  Rhema always points out things I would have overlooked but after talking with her, I must agree that the lights are very cool to look at.  LOL!

Rhema's 1st Ring out of a gumball machine April 2014Rhema also got her first ring out of the coin machines at the movies.  We put in two quarters, turned the dial and then a little ring came out of the machine.  She found it fascinating!  Most things are WAY TOO small for her to get because she would chock on them or they are made of latex stretchy materials and she cannot have that due to allergies.  But, the rings were a little larger so we took a chance on it and she loved it!  She getting so big!!!