1st honey crisp apple lick September 2013 SNAG-0002Licking is Love!

Rhema is eating so many new foods now and we are really working on eating fresh fruit and veggies!  Fresh, organic apples are one of our families favorites and Honey Crisp apples are our top choice!  We look forward to every fall when we can have Honey Crisp apples and this was the first year Rhema has been able to share our experience!  If you’ve never tried this kind of apple go find one this week.  We encourage organic apples due to apples being the #1 fruit or vegetable that receives the most number of pesticides and is listed in the #1 position on the dirty dozen list.  So, go out and find you an organic Honey Crisp apple this week and as you enjoy it say a little prayer for Rhema!  It’s yummy, good for you and promotes prayer– apples are awesome!  LOL!  Enjoy!

1st honey crisp apple kiss September 2013 SNAG-0001A Sugar For Her Apple!