Rhema and Anna Kate May 2014 SNAG-0005Anna Kate & Rhema

Rhema’s first friend that she chose is this precious little girl, Anna Kate.  Rhema would always smile when she would see her at church and Anna Kate would always pay attention to Rhema.  Anna Kate has recently moved back to Bosnia with her family; they are missionaries and are back on the mission field.  Now, Rhema is not a child that will necessarily look for Anna Kate, she not aware of all that yet, but I think on some level she will miss her.  Our plan is to skype with Anna Kate on occasion and let Rhema and she write letters back and forth.  It will be a wonderful way for Rhema to be able to see her first little friend and also learn about what a missionary is and what all they are are doing in Bosnia.  Please, join our family in praying for Anna Kate’s family, The Copeland Family, as they are back on the mission field doing what God has called them to do.  We will miss them all, but know God has great plans for them!