Knoxville Trip Joseph Oct 2013 SNAG-0000My Friend Joseph!

This was the best picture I or my mom got of these two crazy kids as they played all over the floor together!  In most of my pictures, they were a blur!  LOL!  Rhema had a blast crawling all over the room with her buddy Joseph and I had a wonderful visit with my precious friend, Daronda!  They so graciously hosted us for dinner and shared with us some wonderful resources they are using with Joseph, who is non-verbal, and is learning to sign.  Rhema enjoyed the videos and we’ve even been able to find them on Netflix since we’ve been home and she is really enjoying them!

Rhema barely made it back to the hotel and passed out quickly as I put on her monkey Pj’s.  She requested her Princess Pj’s, but gave in when I told her they were at home and all I had was the monkey Pj’s. LOL!  Rhema is becoming more and more verbal and communicative about her desires; I’m loving getting to hear her heart on things as she is developing.

Knoxville Trip Sleeping Oct 2013 SNAG-0016