So happy to be riding again!

We’ve had such horrible rains and with Rhema being sick so much since December, her Hippo-therapy has been put on hold for quite some time now.  Rhema was very excited to see her friends and see her buddy “Butterfly Kisses” when she got to ride last week!  She still will not talk at all while riding her horse, but once she is off the horse and her helmet comes off she did say a few things.  It’s so strange to see her silent as she is VERY talkative now and will repeat anything she hears.  For example, as I was buckling Rhema into her car seat to head to therapy I was telling my mom that I was “overzealous” in my parking in the garage as I had parked the nose of the van too close to the front wall, I looked at Rhema and said, “can you say overzealous?” to which she replied “OVERZEALOUS!”  My mom and I got a huge laugh out of hearing such a little girl saying such a big word!