Fast Friends!

Rhema had a wonderful time at the park today — she made her first playground friend!!!  My momma heart was so excited to see a little girl, on her own volition, meet Rhema and decide to stay and play with her.  So many kids look at Rhema, not knowing how to process the wheelchair, and just pass her on by.  Other times the kids will meet her and ask me about why she cannot walk, but once their curiosity is satisfied they jet off and play with more able-bodied peers.  It is completely understandable to want to play with kids who can keep up with you easier.  I understand that and know, at least currently, Rhema does not know the difference.  However, each time I go to the park with Rhema it is a sad experience for my momma heart for two reasons: 1- I can see so many things she cannot do and 2- I see all the kids just passing her by.  Some of it is her age (she is still very young), but I wonder will this exclusion change when she is older?  Oh, how I tear up writing this, thinking that could be her reality.  Every night when we do our prayers together I pray “for good and Godly friends for every season of Rhema’s life” and today at Miracle Park we were blessed by a little Angel named Riley.  Riley is six years old and not only stopped to ask me about Rhema’s “wheelchair” but then stayed, wanted to push Rhema all over the park and play with her!!!!  Ya’ll, I could have cried at the thoughtfulness of this six year old!!!  Even now I thank God for this precious little princess, with her cupcake necklace, who showed kindness to my Rhema.  We got to meet Riley’s grandma, who was a lovely lady herself, and spent thirty minutes just letting them play together.  Before we left, Rhema got to slide down the slide with Riley right behind her just like I’d observed other kids do hundreds of times at the park!

Today was a precious, precious experience for my daughter, sweet Riley, and for that I thank you!  I pray your grandma does get to read this tonight to you and gives you a big hug from us— you are a wonderful little lady and I pray the Lord’s blessing upon you and your family!