Here’s how we do it….

Our little family is doing much better and Rhema has slept through the night for 3 days straight.  She is still pulling on her ears some, but we think it may just be the fluid she feels as her ears as they drain.  I know when my ears finally began to heal they felt funny as the fluid began to release.  Rhema does pretty good taking her medication, but occasionally we enlist the help of some spray whipping cream and that always makes the medicine go down smoother somehow.  Most of the time we just say “1,2,3..taste” and she will open her mouth and take portions of the med from the syringe with no fuss; she is such a good girl!  Lately, I’ve given her tiny cookie decoration “hearts” between sips of her meds to make it fun. Either way we do it with assistance or without, she’s getting better, Praise God, and hopefully she will be back on a regular schedule this week.  We’ve missed so much being able to go out with her, but her health is priority.  This coming Saturday is her first ever dance recital so we are keeping our eyes on the prize and focusing on getting all of us healthy for that amazing day!