Rhema appears to be doing much better. She is eating more and resting through the night. Yesterday, when asked if she would like to “swing” she said “yes!” whereas a few days before that she said “noooo” and began to cry. She is still sleeping a lot at odd times of the day, but we are allowing her to rest when she needs it and adjusting her schedule around the impromptu naps.

As of this moment we are not headed to Children’s for an MRI as it seems her fluid issues are resolving. We are closely monitoring her shunt and pray that all this swelling was due to these infections her body is fighting. Rhema is still on her antibiotic and does pretty good about taking her “pink medicine.” (smile). I do not feel she is over all this just yet so we are staying home an keeping everything really low key to allow her to heal completely.

Please continue to keep her in your prayers for a full recovery. Also pray that her immunity to build back up so she does not easily contract other bugs from being down with this.

Blessings to all our family and friends who pray.

PS. I will be up praying tonight for a child that is being held hostage in a nearby county. An intruder walked onto a bus and killed the bus driver and took a child at random off the bus and has held him hostage since 3pm this afternoon. Our family here has been praying all night and I am continuing to pray this evening. Please join us in prayer for the child’s safety and for the family of the slain bus driver. :(.