Rhema is feeling better Praise the Lord!  She will have a few good days, then revert back for a few days and then do better.  LOL!  Momma’s sleep is a bit of a yo-yo right now, but we are hanging in there.  I must admit, I never mind Rhema sleeping with me as I love waking up to sweet kisses and that lovely little voice saying, “good morning momma…”  LOL!  Yep, she can stay with me in bed any day as long as that is my morning alarm clock wake up call! LOL!  But, yes I digress…. I think overall she is back to feeling better.  I’m still watching her closely and she is still finishing off her meds.  Thank you all for your prayers and we covet those even more as we are in the last month before her big surgery.  I’ve got so much left to get accomplished before September 10th and am hard at work everyday on all the logistics.

We do have something fun we are going to do this last month leading up to her surgery that will involve all you guys, so we will be posting about that soon!  Just a little teaser to keep ya coming back and checking in with us! LOL!

Blessings, to all our family and friends who pray!