Rhema is doing great! There has been zero swelling on her neck and chest and her incisions are healing nicely. She even has a quarter inch of hair growing in where the surgery site was. Yea for hair!

We’ve had two PT sessions now and she is back where she was before her UTI and shunt replacement. I would even say maybe a bit beyond her ability then and she is progressing nicely. I think she will be crawling soon and we still working on standing with her braces. She is tolerating the braces more now and does not kick them off immediately.

The month of July we are focusing on changing her eating schedule and adding more big girl foods. She is really behind when it comes to eating patterns but, I feel it is largely due to her just not feeling well for so long. Now that she is on the mend I feel she can gain some ground now in the nutrition department. Pray for her to cooperate with the changes sweet friends. 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend all!