Rhema's 1st Snow Man Jan 2014 SNAG-0008Rhema’s First Snow “Man”…… or duck…. or something-er-other…..

We balled up snow that we could find, put two peppercorns for eyes and a piece of shredded carrot for his nose!  Viola, a Snow-person/animal/creature!  We are not sure exaclty what it is, but according to Rhema it’s a SNOWMAN so yes, it’s definitive, it’s her FIRST SNOWMAN!

Rhema Gloves Heating near Fireplace Jan 2014 SNAG-0006We hung her soaked gloves above the fireplace each time we brought her in.  They were so cute hanging there I had to snap this picture.

Snow Final1 Jan 2014 SNAG-0000The first things Rhema said as she was waking up this morning was, “hey momma, wake up…..snow momma….snow….”.  When we got downstairs all of it was gone except the little pile on the table where she played.  She is not cognitively aware enough to beg to go outside or even think along those lines, but after her lunch I went and scooped up the remaining “snow” and put it in a container for her to play with.  We took two new Loopsy’s that I’d bought on Ebay and stored up for the Post-surgery time, (both of which had gloves on) and they got to play in the “snow” with Rhema.

Snow Final2 Jan 2014 SNAG-0001