Dee Dee's Last Day PT Aug 2015 SNAG-0000 SNAG-0000Our Mrs. Dee Dee

PT Dee Dee Rhema Walking Aug 2015 SNAG-0000 SNAG-0000

It’s always hard when a member of Rhema’s Team leaves or moves, but losing our PT friend Dee Dee has been extra hard.  We’ve known it was coming, but when it’s your last day with someone who has been a HUGE support for 3 years, it hits hard.  Mrs. Dee Dee has been with Rhema since she was 2 1/2 years old and has been through 2 leg surgeries with us.  Dee Dee has always been encouraging, supportive and resourceful.  Rhema is a lovely child, but is very quirky; not typical in MANY ways.  Dee Dee’s patience has been that of Biblical proportions!  LOL!  We’ve been in much prayer over who will come to do PT with Rhema; in the mean-time we are considering a period of some focused Aquatic Therapy.  Our goal being to strengthen Rhema’s core and legs and get some weight off her frame.

On Dee Dee’s last day, Rhema worked very hard and walked the most she has done in a while….So we let Rhema play in the Ball-Pit!

BAll Pit Aug 2015 SNAG-0002 SNAG-0001Where’s my Rhema?

We had a quick lunch after Rhema finished her two PT sessions with Mrs. Dee Dee and I told Gida (my mom, who is typically my support helper with Rhema) that Rhema would not make it out of the parking lot awake.  We got Rhema strapped in and I put up her wheelie in the van, strapped it down and looked back to pull out of the restaurant parking lot, only to see……

PT Sleeping on way home Aug 2015 SNAG-0001 SNAG-0002

Yup, walking is hard work!  Plus, being THAT cute is hard work too!  She slept the whole way home!