I would like to start by saying that prayer works!  Little Rhema has been doing fantastic in her recovery and exceeding expectations.

Since the last update she had such elevated levels in her blood over a short period of time that would typically indicate a bad infection, but the medical staff said that she had no other visible signs of being sick. Well, they ran all kinds of tests and cultures only to find out that there was no infection anywhere. We believe this is a physical indication of the Lord’s healing power being manifested. One nurse even commented that she has witnessed lots of similar cases that were much less severe than Rhema’s and those babies were irritable most of the time, required much pain medication and were overall unhappy. Their comments about Rhema have been that she is amazing, calm and hardly fussy at all – even when changing a diaper – and all of this with little to no pain medications!  The nurse early this morning even acknowledged that her excellent condition is attributed to the prayer and support she has received from everyone.

It is also amazing the amount of people we have been able to encourage and share Jesus with on account of what is happening with her. Let’s just say that she is drawing interest from both UT and St. Mary’s.

We cannot fully express how much we appreciate you all standing with us and prayerfully supporting us while believing for God’s creation and restoration power to make Rhema complete and whole.  A common phrase we have been speaking, especially to those who think our positive outlook is some form of processing lag or denial is:

“We will be diligent to take care of the things that our eyes see, but even more so we will be diligent to seek Jesus and believe Him for what can be.  It is not His will that Rhema should be sick.”

As far as what to pray for:

– creation-miracles to complete the work in her body that did not complete in the womb

– healing over her organs that have yet to be diagnosed

– restoration healing for the nerves that connect to her bladder, colon, toes, feet ankles and legs.

– more opportunities for us to make Jesus famous with what He is doing in her and in us.

Again, thank you for your continued support and may the Lord abundantly bless you.

Fantastic Recovery