“Choo- choo!”

Rhema and Momma attended the Miracle League’s Family Fun Day together!  The event was sponsored by our friends at the Civitan’s Club!  It was a wonderful event and Rhema had a blast!  She and I rode the train together, had Momma’s face painted with a butterfly on it and Rhema’s hand painted with a heart on it, we shared a slushy, got some t-shirts,…whew!  Rhema was fascinated by the big bounce houses and the huge slides, but she was not brave enough for them yet.  I did get her to sit on the bounce house slide and I bounced her on it as the kids came shooting down the slide nearby.  All of the commotion was a little to much auditory stimulation for her, but all in all I think she had fun! Don’t you love her shades?!  Rhema actually loves these sun glasses and will wear them even in the car when she rides!

Oh, a cool thing about the yellow chick shirt she is wearing here.  I found that shirt in a thrift store for $1.50 and attempted to buy it for her.  Unfortunately the store only took cash or check, of which I had neither, I told the lady it was okay that I really did not need it, I just thought it was cute.  There was a lovely older lady standing nearby and she asked me how much was the shirt, I told her that it was $1.20 as we’d found out it was marked down on Easter clearance and figured she wanted it for one of her grand-kids.  She said, “that sweet girl needs that shirt” and then gave the lady the $1.20 for the shirt!  I told her no, that I could pay for it, I just did not have the cash on me, but she waved me off and said that the week prior a stranger had paid for part of her grocery bill and she wanted to be a blessing to another stranger.  Rhema was the recipient of the kindness shown to this lady a week prior!  I offered to mail her the amount back, but she would not allow it.  WOW!  I’ve done the same for a stranger before, but have never had it done for me!  It was such a blessing and very precious!  I had to repair the shirt as the little “chick” had no face, but I bought some googly eyes and some yellow fabric for a beak and I think the shirt turned out cute!  This is one shirt we will not resell as I do most of Rhema’s clothes when she outgrows them; this shirt we will keep for Rhema’s dolls to remember the kindness shown to us by this precious little lady!  We pray many blessings upon her and the lady who began this “ripple of kindness” for a stranger in need; Rhema and I look forward to soon passing on this kindness to another stranger.