Fall Festival Headland2 1st Bounce House October 2013 SNAG-0000Bounce Houses Rock!

Yes, that is our Rhema in her first Bounce House!!!  Momma had to get into it (which was not graceful in the slightest) with her, but she finally decided that it was fun!  She crawled a little and then would let me get her up on her knees and bounce here.  Toward the end she would stand up and let me bounce her.  She was all smiles by the end!!! It was a great, first experience for her!!!!

Fall Festival Headland2 Hammer October 2013 SNAG-0003A new game: Wack yo momma!

The lady at the bounce house gave Rhema this huge inflatable hammer and she LOVED IT!  We were so surprised to see her take it immediately as many times she has to warm-up to new things.  Rhema loved it even more when she found out that she could wack us with it and we would make funny noises.  She loved it even more when we got home and Papa made funnier noises when he was wacked!  Yep, she is a silly girl and surround by sillier folks!  There is not hope for her but to grow up and be a goober.  LOL!