“I Want To Splash In The Water!”

After clinic we found a place for a late lunch and then enjoyed walking around window shopping.  It was right before dusk and it was breezy, cool and heavenly to be outdoors after being in the hospital all day.  Rhema rode in her stroller and we happened upon this fountain with beautiful flowers.  I sat on the edge of the fountain and showed Rhema the water shooting out of the spouts into the penny-filled basin below.  She began rocking back and forth in her stroller saying “I want to splash in the water!”  Then it hit me, she thought it was a pool!  LOL!  I explained that she could not splash in the water but she could sit with me and watch the water.  She sat with me on the edge and wiggled and wiggled trying to get into the water!  It was like wrestling a monkey!  She is SO VERY strong!

To divert her intent to get into the water I showed her a “coin” (a penny) and threw it into the water.  Oh, now she was fascinated with it and we then began counting all the coins we could see.  We gave her her own coin, but she did not want to throw it into the water herself; she kept trying to put it in my hand.  She was so funny.  So as she held it in her tiny hand we counted 1-2-3 and I flicked her hand and out the coin flew, splashing into the water.  She smiled and clapped “yea, in the water!”  We sat for about another five minutes together talking about the water, the fountain, the beautiful flowers and all their colors, the huge moon that was already visible in the sky.  Meanwhile, I kept on wrangling her as she tried to get into the water.  LOL!  It was truly a wonderful experience sitting there with her and just enjoying that moment together.  And yes, momma made a mental note that I MUST get her “to the water” to swim very soon now that her foot is healed up.  (smile)