Yummy In My Tummy!

Well, thus far Rhema has been content to eat with her 10 fingers as utensils, but recently she has gotten interested in her tiny spoons and forks.  We are not pushing her to use them, but rather letting her own curiosity lead her.  It’s funny to watch, because if the food is “sticky” then it will make it to her mouth; if the food is not going to stick on the utensil then it ends up in her lap.  We’ve tried to show her to use the utensils as a “scoop” but she continues to turn it upside down when it gets near her mouth.  I’m sure it’s only a matter of time when she will figure out the logistics but for now, when she gets tired to missing food she just tosses the “defective” utensil and goes back to her 10 digits to get the job done!  Who can blame her?  It doesn’t bother me a bit, I will continue to rake the rogue morsels of yummies off her lap and plop them back onto her tray again and again until she gets all the kinks worked out.  🙂  That’s my job…. “yummies rangler”.