4th Birthday Cake Table Aug 2014 SNAG-0017Rhema’s Birthday Table!

This was the cake and present table for Rhema’s party!  We had two other tables for Rhema’s family to sit and celebrate with her; both tables were very festive with rockets and robots as well.

4th Birthday Rhema Seeing Cake Aug 2014 SNAG-0015Surprise!

Rhema rolled right up to the table to see everything.  She LOVED her cake and wanted to hold the rocket and robot immediately!  I am still having to tell her she cannot hold it yet because they are “wet”.  LOL!  I’m hoping that they will harden and she can keep them as a keep-sake from her 4th Birthday.  Her Aunt Cha Cha is making her another robot from Sculpy that she can have and play with.  Hurry Aunt Cha Cha, she’s ready to play!!! LOL!

4th Birthday Rhema Rocket Party Favor Aug 2014 SNAG-0014A Rocket Toy & Robot Plate!

We have about a dozen of these little rockets for Rhema’s big Birthday party coming up where we will have kids from church and family friends over.  Rhema has no idea about the upcoming outdoor “Birthday Blast” that is coming!  We are so very exciting to have this outdoor party for her with little swimming pools, a bounce house and many, many bubbles!  Fun For All!

We are doing a Rhema Miracle Outreach at the party where we’ve asked folks to bring color crayons, coloring books and/or stickers which will be donated to the Child Life department at Children’s Hospital when we are up there in a few weeks for a clinic.