Rhema is doing really well tonight. She ate a good lunch and dinner and is playing with her balloon! We are observing her toes and swelling in her legs before we head home tomorrow. Thus far all looks fine; there is a little concern of the casts being too tight at her thighs, so we are etching that. I’m not sure what they could do other than cut these off and I really do not want to put her through that. We will send some pics to the docs office tmw before we leave if there is still a concern.
She got a lot of IV fluids at the hospital and we are monitoring her poo as it’s been a problem with the lack of physical movement she had for the last three weeks. Other than those few minor concerns, she is doing wonderfully! Yea Jesus! We all hope to sleep and get some much needed rest tonight.
Thank you all for your prayers for her today and we will update tomorrow morning!