Elmo Live B'ham1 May 2014 SNAG-0009Elmo Live!

Okay, so Rhema is the most incredibly blessed little girl on the planet!  Her buddies at her hotel near Children’s (her night-night house) were able to get her some tickets to see the Elmo Live show!  Everyone at our hotel is SOOOOO AMAZING with Rhema and we learned that with the new desk employees, Rhema was part of their training for the job!  How WOW is that!  Rhema is known as the “Holiday Inn Baby”!  We’ve stayed at the same place with the same folks now since Rhema was 1 years old and we consider them part of our family and the hotel as our “home away from home.”  I know many of them follow Rhema’s blog, so we want to give them a HUGE THANK YOU for all they did to get Rhema tickets! Rhema was so excited to see Elmo and friends!

Elmo Live B'ham Rhema1 May 2014 SNAG-0007All smiles before the show!

Now, Rhema is oblivious to all the road blocks and issues we had when we arrived at the Civic Center near the hotel; there was an angry mob of folks that were denied entrance to the show and we had the same tickets as they did.  So, what were we to do?  Join the angry mob and have Rhema miss the show?  NO WAY!  So, we borrowed a credit card and got Rhema in!  There was no way we were going to get back into the car and leave.  As it was, she missed the “meet and greet” with Elmo that she’d been talking about so much!  Momma and Daddy were not smiling, but we decided to put aside the drama and enjoy the show with our girl!

Elmo Live B'ham Momma & Rhema May 2014 SNAG-0013

The show was amazing and Rhema LOVED IT!  She kept reaching over and patting us and giving us kisses throughout the show!  It was a WONDERFUL night for all of us, despite the rough beginning.

We took her out for a celebratory “chips and green” dinner and she and her new Elmo toy enjoyed watching, what else but, ELMO on her little tablet!  Yes, we were drinking Sesame Street from a “fire hose” for most of the day!  LOL!   To top it off, we met the cast of the Elmo Live show in our hotel lobby when we returned from dinner!  It was so cool to meet the guys and gals behind the costumes and tell them how much we enjoyed the show.  The guy who plays “Cookie Monster” was so sweet to Rhema and told us to try to make the next show in the next town and he hoped to see us there, especially for the meet and greet.  Hmmmmm, that gave us an idea…. the next place the Elmo live show was headed was none other than our home town!  Hmmmm… could we pull that off and maybe use the free tickets there???  Hmmmmm……. a plan was afoot.

Elmo Live B'ham Dinner May 2014 SNAG-0010