Elmo Live 1 May 2014 SNAG-0002Twice As Nice!

So, yes, that’s our buddies, again, dancing and singing, again, and we LOVED it AGAIN!  Ya’ll, Rhema is so blessed!  We got up early to drive the 4 hours back down to our home town to see if THAT Civic Center would honor our free tickets.  It took some talking and explaining and verifying but, they finally approved our tickets!!!  The rub was, that the “Meet and Greet” was all sold out and we’d have to show up early to see if there might be one spot left.  The “Meet and Greet” was the big deal–You see, the whole time before, during and after the first show, all Rhema had talked about was that she wanted to give Elmo a high-five.  When we left the first show, she cried when we had to leave and she did not get to give him a “high-five.”  Now, it would not be the end of her world if she did not get to do this (we know this) but if we could make her wish come true, we wanted to.  So, we showed up an hour early before the “Meet and Greet: and yes, we even said a little prayer in the van before we went in.  The line formed with all the kids getting to do the Meet and Greet and we waited and watched all of them go through the double doors.  While we waited a guy wearing a Sesame Street lanyard walked by us and said, “hey, did I just see you guys at our hotel a couple of days ago?”  We quickly explained our situation and he said it would be up to a lady named “Kate” if we could get in or not.  He walked through the double doors, into the little hallway and who happened to be walking by there — Mrs. KATE!  Mrs. Kate was so sweet; she had heard about our troubles in the other city and before we knew it, she was waving us past the ticket ladies and she ushered us into the “Meet and Greet” room!!!  Yes, Rhema was going to get her wish after all!

Elmo Live Meet and Greet May 2014 SNAG-0029A Wish Come True!

Now, any mother of a special needs child will tell you, what they say they want and what they will do once they are there, is many times two different things.  Children, like Rhema, who have sensory issues and processing difficulties cannot easily be themselves and simply enjoy the opportunity,  I do not care if it’s Elmo or not!   I sat there with Rhema, silently praying that even with all the sensory overload of all the crowd of shrieking kids, the flash, flash, FLASHES of the cameras and just the “circus” of activity in the room,  that Rhema would be able to have her “moment”.  You know, the “moment” that she’d been talking about…. just a moment when she could enjoy herself….when her senses were not too bombarded ….so she was not robbed by all the over stimuli in the room. Oh, how I prayed!!!

Elmo Live Looking Cookie May 2014 SNAG-0030I did what I could do to help her focus on just Elmo and Cookie…. I held her tight and whispered to her about giving him a “five” and how much he loved her and wanted to see her.  The Cookie monster was our friend from the hotel and all the while, in between kids, he would blow kisses at Rhema and wave to her!  He was such a sweet guy; I wish I knew his name to thank him publicly!!!!

Elmo Live Looking Elmo May 2014 SNAG-0028

We went last and thankfully by that time most of the kids had left the room.  Rhema allowed me to roll her up near them and she did not hide once!  I was so proud of her!  She let me stretch her little hand out to Elmo and Cookie both, and allowed them to give her “high-fives”.  It was a precious moment! We turned her around and she posed for these pictures!  This momma was doing a happy dance of Praise (and fighting back the tears) to see her little Rhema finally get her wish!  Plus, she was so brave and was able to overcome all her sensory issues and have HER MOMENT!  How precious a gift!  Thank you dearly, Mrs. Kate with Sesame Street and Mrs. Tamika with our Hotel for making this MOMENT possible!  It is one she, and we, will never forget!

Elmo Live 2 May 2014 SNAG-0001

And yes, Rhema got to see the show a second time!  This time she was even more relaxed and seemed to enjoy it even more.  She wore her ear plugs, which we think helped a lot too, so she did not have a Hydro headache afterwards.  Plus a little cotton candy was an extra treat; we made some friends nearby and shared it with two cutie pie little girls!  It was a fun time for all!!!!!

Elmo Live Cotton Candy Holding May 2014 SNAG-0000