Green Gotee1 May 2014 SNAG-0005Yes, That’s a Green Gotee!

Rhema is learning it’s good to eat (and drink) the “rainbow.”  Each time I make her food, I try to put as many colors of food (a rainbow if you will) for her to eat.  We are working on getting her to eat more fresh fruits, veggies and whole foods as we can.  The only green thing she will eat pretty much is her guacamole; that is her favorite and how she got her “gotee”.  She likes pistachios too and those are greenish.   Oh, and the brown around her mouth in the picture is from her “chocolate treat” which she gets once, sometimes twice a day, and it serves as a mechanism for getting her meds and supplements into her little Princess body.  She is branching out into the rainbow more in that she will eat raw carrots sometimes, apples, watermelon (is she doesn’t squish it), grapes (is she doesn’t squish those too), blueberries occasionally (but there again she likes to squish them)….. LOL!  Well, at least she is trying to eat “the rainbow”!  Or at least squish the rainbow!  LOL!

Some folks recommended smoothies, but she’s not been a huge fan of that yet.  But we decided to try again recently and she somewhat liked it; we think its the “cold” she doesn’t like much.  Even with ice cream she tends to wait until its not too cold.  Momma’s favorite place is Tropical Smoothy Cafe and so Rhema and momma picked up some smoothies recently.  Rhema did sip on hers some and then when we got home wanted to sip on mine too.  I’m so proud of her that she is trying to branch out some.  Maybe by summer we can get her to “drink” more nutritious foods in smoothies.

1st smoothly Tropical Smoothly Cafe2 May 2014 SNAG-0001