Rhema Easter Egg April 2014Rhema’s Blue Easter Egg!

Rhema was so much more fascinated this year with the egg coloring!  She colored several eggs along with her cousins!  It was really fun to watch her tell us which color she wanted and watch her observe all her cousins making all their eggs.

Easter Happy Plate April 2014We had an early celebration while Aunt Rarah was in town and everyone had “happy plates” of yummies!

challa Bread rolls raw April 2014All the Aunts and Momma got together and Aunt Rarah taught us how to make traditional Jewish Challah Bread!

challa Bread rolls cooked cooling April 2014It was so fun to make the bread together!  We braided and baked 9 loaves and a couple smaller ones!  Next time I will try to make cinnamon Challah Bread!