Rhema has gotten so tall recently!  The car pictured here was one of her Christmas gifts last year and her feet did not even come close to reaching the floor last year!  WOW! 


We sat her on the car to see if she would learn to move forward; she has moving backwards down pat.  A few weeks ago in therapy they put her on a similar rolling car and taught me how to show her to kick her legs, plant her heel and then pull herself forward.  We’ve practiced this maybe one other time and Rhema just did not get the concept.  During the holidays we had put the car away to keep it safe.  We got it out the other night for her to sit in and reintroduced the steps to her: kick legs out, plant heel, and pull forward.  The Christmas tree was her reward each time I went through the steps with her she would end up at the Christmas tree and she got to play with the ornaments.  I think it was around the fourth time I showed her the steps, she began to try to do them herself!  One time, for a split second, we saw her do it herself and propel herself forward!!!  We were all so excited!  It’s just a matter of time and we feel she will be off and rolling!  She already rides her bike so well; many times we’ve been concerned that she would take out the Christmas tree!



After all her hard work, Rhema was rewarded by her Aunt Cha-Cha with a puppet show!  We just rolled her up to the theater and let the giggling commence!  Aunt Cha-Cha’s puppet shows are always hilarious, even the adults like to watch, but most of the time it’s more fun to watch Rhema watch the show.  We took some video and I hope to put it up one day so you all can see Rhema laugh and talk to the puppets.  She is such a joy to have in our lives!