M-i-c (see you real soon) k-e-y (why, because we like you) M-o-u-s-e!

Be honest, you sang that line in your head instead of reading it, right?  At least most of you did!  LOL!

We took this picture of Rhema before she got sick and I wanted to share it with ya’ll.  Right now, Mickey is the MAN and even may have replaced the red furry guy (Elmo) who has held that spot now for a year. (smile) She specifically like the “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse” short videos and learns a lot about numbers, shapes, colors, etc….  Yes, we have a Mouse in the house and I think he will be a favorite for a while.  We’ve even talked about trying to get to the Mouse House i.e. Disney before her huge operation in the fall or maybe even after she gets back on her feet early next year.  I’m praying that we may still have a contact at Disney who can help us out to give her that opportunity.

Tonight Rhema has eaten a little bit and we are headed now to give her her antibiotic and try to feed her some juice with a syringe.  She is way more fussier than usual, but I guess the fact that she is rarely fussy just makes all this pitiful crying amplified for us.  A friend at a local consignment shop recently gave me 3 Disney stuffed animals free of charge to take home to her to cheer her up so I am rationing those new, fun toys to cheer her up as we go.  She got a Pluto the dog today and liked him a lot.  (smile)

Thank you all for your continued prayers for our girl and thanks SO MUCH to Cindy, from our new church, for calling today to check on Rhema.  It was especially a blessing to have prayer time over the phone for Rhema with a sister-in-the-Lord who SO encouraged me.  We are confident that the Lord’s hand remains on Rhema and she will continue to overcome!  One thing I am sure of is the Lord’s goodness is not contingent or related to any circumstance –His goodness stands alone– of that I am sure. Amen & Amen!