OT last one in December 2013 SNAG-0000Working Hard!

Rhema got to have two OT sessions in one day this week!  It was great for her to have so much back-to-back time with Mrs. Erica!  Rhema got to cut with scissors, draw her lines, draw circles, sort some small beans into cups, and sew some cards!  Whew!  We’ve got lots of homework to do over the Holidays and will post some pictures of Rhema’s work so ya’ll can see how well she is doing.  Our homework is to continue using scissors, keep on working on writing straight lines (top to bottom and side to side), use the pincer grasp of thumb and index to pick up small items (she tends to use her middle finger too much) and use small crayons to help form the “tripod” grasp of a writing instrument.  Yea!  Sounds like fun to me!

Also, we feel she may be a classic case of being ambidextrous, which runs in my family, so we are working on getting her to settle on a hand to write with and cut with.  This is slowing progressing and we may have our first lefty of the family!  Who knows which side she will settle on, but she always eats her food with her left hand, so we will see what happens.  I’m just happy we are making some headway in some of the skills she is delayed in.  She enjoys her “play time” with Mrs. Erica and for that I am thankful!  We are blessed!