DCF Ladies Help To Decorate Two Wagons!

Dothan Christian Fellowship is a wonderful church full of amazing folks who just simply love Jesus, love each other and love their community. We have just recently had the pleasure to come to know this amazing family of folks and learn of their servant hearts.  Even though we were in the last phases of our preparations for the Wagon Drive, DCF church wanted to get involved and see how they could help.  We were so amazed when some of their members stepped in and TOTALLY covered all of our painting costs of the wagons; from the paint markers, to the permanent markers, to the buckets of clear coat needed to paint ALL TWELVE Wagons!

When we stepped out to do this Wagon Drive Outreach, we knew we might have to try to cover that some of the costs, and did not know how we could even begin to do that, but we felt very strong that this was something the Lord was leading us to do.  We just stepped out in obedience and were trusting that He could and would meet every need.  Dothan Christian Fellowship is the church the Lord used to extend His hand of provision to cover ALL the paint expenses; for their obedience and for their generosity we are TRULY thankful!

PS. A preview toward a post coming– “A DCF church family goes over and above, far more than we could have asked or even thought, and buys toys and goodies to fill many of the wagons that we will take to Children’s Hospital!  Yes, God is ALIVE and ACTIVE and folks STILL HEAR and OBEY His voice.  If you are not sure of this fact, go visit DCF on a Sunday and witness for yourselves the goodness of our God manifest in the folks you meet there.”