Rhema AMBUCS TV interview October 2013 SNAG-0000Rhema Riding For AMBUCS!

Rhema was filmed by a local television station riding her AMBUCS bike and her story will be aired several times this week!  We’ve already had many calls and email from folks saying they’ve seen her on TV.  We were happy to go and participate in this new story as it’s promoting awareness about AMBUCS!  We were also getting the word out about AMBUCS big fund-raising event AMBUCS Fall Festival & Kid’s Carnival and Fun Run/Roll this Saturday!  Rhema will go and ride her bike with all the other kids for the event and I’ve even  been asked to give the opening remarks!  We are proud to be a part of such a worthwhile organization and invite all ya’ll to come out this Saturday!  You can find more details on AMBUCS facebook page “Ambucs of the Wiregrass”!