Craigs Pediatrics Sick Jan 2015 SNAG-0001Dr. Rhema, reporting for her check-up…

I am so thankful that we took her on today to get her checked out.  We keep a very close eye on her, but he has a respiratory issue several months ago and we were able to treat it at home just fine.  This go around, her symptoms just have not set well with me; even with checking her ears with my basic at-home otoscope, one of them looked off to me.  So, it was confirmed that she has an ear infection in that suspicious looking ear, she has pink eye in that one red eye that we’ve been watching, and has an upper respiratory infection.  Poor girl!  We got all the meds now and have begun them this afternoon.

So, for the next week please pray that we can get the meds in her (it’s like wresting a grizzly bear) and that she will recoup soon.   All her therapies and school have been cancelled this week and we are focusing on getting her on the mend.  She was so fussy when we got home that she (and momma) took a 2 hour nap!  Rhema NEVER naps!  So, yes she is quite pitiful.  But, over all she is still her perky self mostly, but just a little droopy and fussy.

Thank you all for your prayer and we will update as she recovers.