Operation Christmas Child Drop Off2 Nov 2013 SNAG-0021“There is two boxes…”

Rhema delivered her two boxes to Mt. Gilead church and got to see all the many boxes that were wrapped and ready to go.  The nice lady gave her a sticker and we talked again about where the boxes were going and who would get them.

Operation Christmas Child Drop Off Nov 2013 SNAG-0020Prayers Once More…For Good Measure…

We talked again about praying for our boxes and Rhema’s little hands flew together into her prayer position….. well, how can anyone avoid an invitation to pray once more?  So, once again, Daddy, Momma and Rhema prayed over the little girls who would receive Rhema’s boxes.  These two little Princesses over the ocean have no idea how much they’ve been prayed for in the last weeks.  One day, in Heaven I hope we meet them and Rhema gets to play with them!  What a wonderful thought….. hey, join us in praying for them now, will you?

Many thanks to all our prayer warriors who continue to keep our little Rhema lifted before the throne of our great God!  Any many thanks to you who stopped, even for a brief moment, and prayed for Rhema’s two new friends across the Ocean who will receive her boxes!  Ya’ll are awesome and we love you!!!!