Her Prayer Position…

Rhema is learning to pray and being involved in prayers when we do them.  Here she is praying with us over our lunch as we eat together after her PT session.  We may teach her the traditional “God Is Great, Good is Good…” prayer one day, but right now we do our own prayer with her before every meal and at night when she is going to bed.  Our meal time prayer is very animated and involves giving thanks for those dining with us and those we love by name, followed by asking the Lord to bless our food to our bodies and lastly ending with thanking the Lord for “healing Rhema from her head (and she taps her head) all the way down to her feet (and she kicks her feet making noise) and then we say “in Jesus name AMEN!” and she echos “AMEN!”.

Our night time prayers are long and most night she falls asleep while I’m praying over her.  It’s a very sweet time of cuddling, hugs and kisses while we talk to the Lord.  I believe raising Rhema in a culture of prayer is very important.  She needs to know that she has access to the Throne and her Lord anytime and it is as simple as breathing.  It’s nothing fancy, it just talking to Someone who loves you and wants to hear from you….simple as that.  It’s a wonderful thing to have a miracle girl resting peacefully in my arms and having some sweet time with my Heavenly Father at the same time.  It doesn’t get any better than that, dear ones….

Blessings to you, ALL our precious family and friends who pray on this our recognized day of “Palm Sunday” as we lead up to Easter.