A Picture From Backstage Dressing Room


Rhema did an AWESOME job today for her first Dance Recital with her Therapeutic Dance Class!!!

She was amazing!!!

I was so worried that all the lights, music and crowd might just overwhelm her and we might not ever see her face because she might hide the whole time, but she really did wonderful and only hid a few times.  Her therapist said that Rhema moved her own arms most of the time and needed very little cuing!

Rhema is looking to her left to watch her teacher just like she does in dance class.











Rhema had three costume changes!

One for her Jazz Routine with the song “Your a Grand Old Flag” where she wore a tiny feathered hat and jazzy skirt; she learned to “shuffle-step” also known as “stomp your feet” and the it had one of her favorite moves, a “SaaaLUTE!”

The second dance was her Ballet Routine to “America the Beautiful” and she changed into a white tu-tu with matching white and blue bow; this routine had her favorite move which was “mountain, mountain up and open” when the sang the line “from purple mountain’s majesty” and her second favorite move was “water, water, water” when they sang “from sea to shining sea…”

The third song was “Party in the USA” and they changed into a Hello Kitty American Flag shirt and a navy and star skirt



At the end of the recital everyone got a beautiful, personalized trophy with a ballet dancer on top!  Rhema’s Daddy got her a white rose for her first recital.  Rhema calls it her “Angelina flower” because on “Angelina Ballerina” DVD the little ballerina mouse gets a flower after her stage performance.  So cute!










During the time at the end Rhema began to zone out and began to hide, but the lady who was holding her spotted me in the audience and pointed me out.  When Rhema saw me, she perked up, began to smile so big and point at me.  I was already teary-eyed watching my little girl on stage; her getting excited and pointing at me just made me cry even more….




Her Therapist walked around and introduced each child and presented them with their trophy and when asked what her name was, Rhema looked at the microphone and said “what’s that?!”  She could not figure out what that stick thing was in her therapist’s hand; it was so funny, everyone got a big laugh! LOL!






Here is a picture of all the children who participated in this year’s event; they ALL performed wonderfully!


We all stayed for the after party celebration and Rhema ate a cookie.  Before we left for our long drive home, Rhema was give three American Flag balloons; they are currently tied onto her highchair for her dining enjoyment.  LOL!

We are so VERY proud of our precious Rhema and cannot wait to see what more she can accomplish in this wonderful Therapeutic Dance Program!  Many, many thanks to Rhema’s therapist and dance teachers for all their patience and support.  Also, many thanks to you, our family and friend’s who pray, for your prayers for our Rhema!