Rhema attended her PT sessions and went to her dance class.  I am elated at how well she did!!!  She is still crying when we put on her “dancing pants” i.e. the Velcro strapping system used to make her legs/feet straight, but I think that will cease once she is more used to it and realizes that it will not hurt her.  Recently shes had so much “done” to her in hospitals, I think she is just scared that the thing we are putting on her will hurt.  I hope that’s all it is, because she’s got to wear it in order to give her the possibility of straight “walking legs.”  Anyway, during the PT session she “walked” with assistance really well and even did some reaching over head head for toys while standing!  Standing is hard enough, but reaching objects over her head while standing is double hard, so GO RHEMA!  Yea!

The dance class was amazing!  She did not cry for “moma” once and really watched the teacher and the other kids in the class.  She laughed, kicked her feet and cooperated really well with her PT instructor.  The dance teacher was so cool that she played a CD that Rhema brought featuring Rhema’s favorite dance song “The Elmo Slide”!  Rhema’s face just lit up as we all did the dance together and the other kids learned the dance as well.  What an amazing gift to my girl that the teacher and the therapist wanted her to feel right at home!  I tear up just writing this, because they have really been so gracious.  All the therapist have even muted their cheers so as to not jolt Rhema so she doesn’t cry due to being startled.  Rhema is the youngest child they’ve ever allowed in the class, so it was a gamble to see how she would do; I think we are all pleasantly surprised to see her interest and excitement.  My favorite part was when the PT helped Rhema “jump”, she would tell Rhema to bend her knees and push and then she picked Rhema up very high as if she jumped.  Rhema laughed so loud everytime she “jumped”!  It was awesome to see her so happy! 

After therapy we rode down toward the beach and had her lunch.  She enjoyed watching all the kites flying, the birds soaring above and watching all the people.  We were not going to stay as it was well past her nap time, but I did manage to carry her all the way across the beach so I could dip my feet into the ocean surf.  Rhema did not know what to think about it and gripped me so tightly as the waves would approach us.  Every time a wave would come I would say “splash” and after a few minutes of that she began to giggle and her grip loosened.  We found one shell for our shell box and I carried her back across the sand to head home.  It was an amazing time together and soon I hope to take her and plop her down in the sand and really let her explore this new world called a “beach.”  🙂  Don’t worry, I’ll have my camera…..

Blessings to you all our dear friends and family who pray….