The other children's faces have been blurred to protect their privacy.

Rhema is really enjoying her dance class!  This week the class was full and it was so much fun seeing her interact with all the folks.  I am constantly amazed to see her improve from week to week in the things she tries to do. That’s her in pink in the middle doing the “bear crawl.”  Her teacher mainly does all the work, but Rhema does try to move her feet and hands as prompted.  She is resisting less and less for the PT moving her arms and hands along with the music; it’s is really nice that she is relaxing more.

She is also so observant!  She watches the teacher’s feet especially and then will watch the other kids follow along.  Her teacher was so sweet to give us a CD with all the songs they use for class so we can help Rhema get more familiar with the music.

The other good news is this week she did not cry as we put on her “dancing pants”!  Every week it’s been a real challenge to get her to hold still to put the “pants” on and to not get her so worked up into a frenzy about it.  We have a little red helper, pictured here (Elmo), who lives at the therapist office that Rhema has take a shine to.  When you open his mouth Elmo talks and laughs; Rhema loves it and laughs so much playing  with him.  So, Elmo is our go-to helper from now on to get her “dancing pants” on.  We jokingly say that when we leave they should lock him in the vault as to not loose one of our most valued helpers.  🙂

Thank you all for your prayers and continued prayers for Rhema.  We are praying for continued, increasing strength and mobility.  Also, we are continuing to pray for miracles: straightening of her legs/feet, nerve connectivity to all of her lower extremities, etc….  Blessings to you all, our sweet friends and family who pray……. 🙂