Valentine Dance Recital 1 Feb 2015 SNAG-0014Precious Little Dancer….

Rhema’s Dance Recital did not go as we’d hoped.  This time around she was actually excited and knew many, many of the hand motions to the song.  She had practiced so many times with Momma at home and would talk and talk about it.  HOWEVER, when we arrived I felt like she was going to have a hard time.  The room was tiny and the stage was really close to the audience.  Plus, once the song began the parents began to cheer on their kids and that pretty much forced Rhema back into her “shell”.  This was the only picture I got of her where she was not hiding her face; she even cried at the end of the song due to all the yelling.  UGH!  I felt sooooooo sad and almost sick to my stomach at the situation.  It’s not her fault that her sensory issues over ride her ability to function in loud, noisy environments.  I HATE that she gets “stolen” from in these type of situations.  I keep praying that one day all this sensory stuff will be a thing of her past.

Valentine Dance Recital Hand Over Face Feb 2015 SNAG-0013This is how she was for most of her Dance Recital….

It was so pitiful in that at the end when she was being handed off the stage to me, and had finally uncovered her face, that some nearby exuberant parents yelled again, cheering for their kid, and Rhema burst into to tears.  Poor kid would not even lift her head up off my chest for the next 15 minutes; she just sobbed and sobbed.  If i was not trying to stay calm for her I would have been sobbing right along with her.  I almost whacked the nearby parents who made her cry!  Why could they not see that their yelling was making it impossible for my little precious girl to participate?  It was so inconsiderate!

Valentine Dance Recital Rhema & Roxanne Feb 2015 SNAG-0011 SNAG-0000Rhema & Roxanne

Rhema finally calmed down at the end when most of the crowd cleared out of the auditorium.  She was so red faced from crying but did give us a big smile for this picture with her Dance Teacher.

Valentine Dance Recital Afterward Big SMILE Feb 2015 SNAG-0002 SNAG-0000Our Dance Princess

We let her crawl around on the stage after the party and she really perked up then!  We snapped this precious picture of her right before we left; she was all smiles.  Daddy, mommy and Rhema all went out for a celebration dinner and to the store to get her a new Barbie for doing such a good job.  What was funny was that when Rhema talked about it, she told us how good she danced and moved her arms.  I guess it’s a good thing that she does not understand how poorly things went and how it all went wrong for her.  So, we just talked her up and was very positive about things.  I dread the day when she fully comprehends when things go badly for her and she is upset.  Well, when that day comes, I will just cry along with her and then we will BOTH go get new Barbies (or something) to celebrate her braveness and the fact that she will overcome all these challenges one day!