Rhema is still doing great with her PT and her dance class.  On the way there this week she said, “dance class” just as plain as day!

There is no more drama and tears when we put on her “dancing pants” which is a big relief to all of us; it was so pitiful to see those big crocodile tears.  During her first PT time she seemed more steady in her transitions from a stand to a sit. She was a big hunched over at times, we are not sure what that was about, so we are keeping an eye on the pants to be sure they are not being the culprit and putting too much pressure on her little torso.

Her aunt went with us and Rhema did a great job, with the help of her therapist, walking to her aunt.  We’ve got a great little video of it and we are working on getting it uploaded so you all can see her walk with her dancing pants.

Afterwards, we found a new place to try for lunch and Rhema enjoyed watching a volleyball game on the beach.  It rained, but the players kept on playing and she enjoyed watching the ball go back and forth.  As we were leaving her aunt took her for a quick stroll around to see more of the view; I stayed behind to pack up her toys and cooler.  They wandered back over and her aunt thought it would be funny to pop her up in the air above the counter and say “peek a boo!” at me.  Rhema thought this was VERY funny and giggled and squealed!  I snapped this picture of her huge smile…  What a beautiful, precious girl I am blessed with!