Rhema School Sept 2014 SNAG-0000Learning So Much!

Ya’ll can you hear it…. my feet doing a happy dance of Praise?!  You will join with me after you read this post about Rhema’s day at school!

Okay, so I pick her up and when I get her settled in the van, as I’m driving, I always ask her the same questions, “Did you have fun today at school?  What did you learn today?”  Most days I’m met with conversation that makes little sense as to what I’ve asked her or she talks about what she sees in the car or outside her window.  I’m used to this, but persist in trying to get her to focus and answer my questions.

On this day, here is what I hear from my little girl when I ask her the questions, “We learned about consonants….the letter D….d-d-d-d…it says d-d-d-d-d…..it’s a consonant….”  My first thought was, OH MY GOODNESS, I’ve picked up the wrong kid from school and have stolen one of her classmates instead!  LOL!  I almost ran off the road– literally. LOL!  Did my little girl say the word “consonant”!!!????  I had to stop and think what this word meant… (duh, momma, it’s the opposite of the vowels… oh yeah) as my brain started to wake up.  Now, with Rhema you cannot make too big of a deal with things; you cannot praise her loudly or get too exuberant– it upsets her and/or causes her to withdraw.  It was everything I could do not to yell “wahoooooo!!!” at my excitement over what she said.  I bit my lip and said calmly but excitedly, “Yes, the letter D is a consonant! You are such a brilliant girl; I’m gonna kiss your brain!”  Then I started making kissy noises toward her; she thought this was funny.

Thus, began an epic conversation between me and my brilliant daughter about the letter D.  “What words start with the letter D” I asked.   There was no reply; I think even though I muted my enthusiasm  toward her, it still may have been too much.  So, I began saying, “oh I know a word that starts with the letter D, d-d-d- dog.”  Rhema began the echoing part of our conversation which is where she usually communicates.  So, as we drove I kept naming off words that started with the letter D.  I was still very excited about her progress and as I was driving by a Duncan Donuts I got an idea!  “Rhema, do you want to get some d-d-d-Donuts for a delicious dessert” I asked.  “Donuts!” echoed Rhema, “I love donuts!”  Now, Rhema has had maybe one donut in her lifetime and she “loves” everything (this is one of her consistent phrases she repeats all the time) , but I decided to go ahead and celebrate this wonderful, momentary breakthrough in her communication.  So, Rhema and momma went through the drive-thru and picked out some donuts to celebrate!

Begin Happy Dance…..NOW!

donuts Sept 2014 SNAG-0000

Enjoying her DONUT, which starts with the letter D!  It’s a consonant, don’t ya know!  It’s d-d-d DELICIOUS!  We ate it for d-d-d DESSERT!

Eating donuts Sept 2014 SNAG-0001 This was a great d-d-d DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!