Are They Coming?

Rhema rocked her SB Clinic day this past week!  We saw 3 out of 4 specialists and got a good report from all!  Praise the Lord!

We prepped her thinking she was going to have to have a MRI, by making a mock MRI machine out of a box, wrapping up one of her dolls in a blanket and putting her inside the “tunnel”.  The worst part of the MRI for Rhema is they put her in a tight fitting blanket where she cannot move, strap her head down and then she has to be in that position for 3-5 minutes.  The last time she had one she got free of her bonds 4xs!  So, we thought we would help prepare her for what was to come by demonstrating on her doll.  Even her doll, upon exiting our mock MRI machine, would jump around and then we would give the doll a sticker for laying so still while in the tunnel.  LOL!  But when we arrived all that was on the schedule was a pelvic x-ray.  So all that prep was not needed this go around.   I just laid Rhema on the table, held her still, and told her they were taking a picture of her funny little belly button–CHEESE!  She really likes her belly button right now for some reason. LOL!  Rhema was still unsure of being held down, even by me, but did not wiggle much and we were able to get the x-ray in one take.

A Sticker!

  Rhema got a good report from her Neurologist and did not need a shunt series this go around! Yea!  We spoke to her urologist about some future procedures we are prepping for and got some good information from her bowel management specialist.  We will be upping the frequency of her current bowel management regimen and hoping that by doing so will fix some of the issues she is still having.  Time will tell if by upping the frequency will help or if we will have to also increase the quantity.  The big thing we accomplished was we set her surgery date for the fall in September with her orthopedic surgeon and got a date in August for the pre-surgery appointment.  We now have specific dates to work toward and can now establish timelines accordingly.  It’s both exciting and scary to me thinking of this surgery.  After it’s all done and the 8 weeks of post-surgery casting is done Rhema will finally have feet she can walk on, but the journey to that point will be a difficult season.  The Lord will prepare us and walk with us during that time, of this we have no doubt, but it nevertheless makes me cringe thinking about Rhema will have to go through.

Rhema & Her Gida!

Rhema’s Gida is a HUGE help on clinic days, as well as during our hotel stay, with Rhema; she always is the extra hands I need and a constant helper to Rhema.  All in all it was a very nice clinic day and we got to see many friendly faces.   We even got out before the 5:00 rush hour and was able to get a late lunch!  On past clinic days we’ve not gotten to eat lunch and our dinner is delayed due to rush hour traffic.

God is good and even provided a need we had via one of the folks we saw there at Children’s.  I wish I could go into more detail, but they’ve asked us to let them be anonymous– just understand we had a need and the Lord met us greatly while we were there via a willing individual who stepped in to help us.  Praise the Lord and MANY thanks to that person who helped!!!!