1st Cotton Candy November 2013 SNAG-0004 SNAG-0000Not too bad….

When introducing new things to Rhema we have to take it slow and most times insist that she taste what we’ve presented to her.  Now, with her strong gag reflex and tendency to vomit over the slightest texture problem, we have to pick our battles.  Last year when we got her to taste cotton candy it did not go very well.  This year when I finally got a little piece into her mouth she took a double take!  LOL!  Those little eyebrows shot upward and she seemed intrigued with what she was tasting. “Hmmmm, It’s not too bad… maybe momma was not trying to “poison” me after all!” is what she appeared to be thinking.   LOL!

Yep, now we have a cotton candy girl!  We only give a little bit when we do give it to her and then we talk about brushing our teeth after we eat it because we’ve had “candy”.  Got to get those life lessons in where you can, right?  Oh and the funniest thing was when we were at the parade she saw a vendor selling bags of cotton candy and she got so excited and pointed saying “Cotton Candy!”  WOW!  This girl is so smart I tell you!  Not much gets past her! LOL!