Rhema Coloring 1st Time In Room October 2013 SNAG-0001 SNAG-0000Pictures Are Fun!

Rhema got to color in her room for the first time ever!  She is doing much better at coloring and actually pushing down on the crayon.  The red color is with a marker but then we switched to crayons and I’ve seen some remarked improvements in her bearing down when she draws.  Yea Rhema!  She also is getting better at verbally telling you which color she wants and has even started drawing loops which is branching out from her usual scribble patterns.

I love coloring with her and this week we’ve begun doing some Fall themed coloring pages together.  I really need to work on how she is holding the crayons but for now I am excited to see the gains she has made.  Also, she has not picked a dominant hand yet!  I’ve heard that in our family genes there is many folks who are ambidextrous so maybe that is what she is displaying.  Rhema eats with her left hand mainly, but she colors with either hand pretty well.  Her left does have better finger positioning, but she still goes back and forth using each hand pretty easily so I will have to talk with more OT folks on how to tackle this issue.