Horses April 2014 SNAG-0014

Rhema continues to enjoy her time with Butterfly Kisses!  I love hearing Rhema talk as she rides; it is such a huge change from before!  Now, she still will not follow the therapist’s instructions about saying “go” or “whoa”, but I keep reminding myself that it was over a year before she would even utter a single word while riding.  Rhema has been a “late bloomer” in so many ways; it takes so much patience to work with her.  It’s a darn good thing she is a cutie-pie!  LOL!  Our challenge is not to have her labeled as “stubborn” or “disobedient”; we really feel there is more involved than just classic “little kid” stubbornness.  I do, however, know there is some stubborn there; she’s my kid, hence I know there is a stubborn gene in there somewhere!  LOL!

However, we keep open verbal communication with all Rhema’s therapist and encourage them not to label her incorrectly.  Honestly, it IS disheartening to see Rhema not responding like her peers and not behaving like her peers, but I take that sadness a use it to drive me toward answers and solutions.  Hence the reason we had her tested last week with a Neuro-psychologist.  So, we wait for another 10 days and then we return to hear his thoughts on Rhema’s “delays” and get some tools and a game plan to help her.

In the mean time, we wait and continue to work on all aspects with Rhema.  She is back busy at PT, still LOVES riding her Butterfly Kisses horsy, aquatic therapy weekly (when I can get it in rhythm again), bike riding, time in her stander, and when momma can get it together we try to work on school stuff and her OT goals.  Most days I feel like a total failure as it all just seems too much to do, think of and cram into a day with EVERYTHING else….  But with each new day, we do the best we can with that day.  I pray daily the Grace of God covers Rhema when momma just cannot get to everything; thankfully I know God’s got my back and His Grace is sufficient.

Feeding Horses April 2014 SNAG-0013