Sky Cloud Pointing Garden 1 May 2014 SNAG-0002

“Look, its a…..”

While tending her garden, Rhema kept looking at the sky and the wispy clouds rolling by.  All of a sudden she says, “Look, it looks like God…..”  I look over to see her pointing into the sky!  My first thought was, “yes, we are outta here today… I’m ready to get to Heaven, see some folks I’ve been missing, Hug my Jesus and watch Rhema run along the streets of gold, braces free!”  LOL!  No joke, this was my first thought!

Then I realized that Rhema was doing something very cool for the first time, she was looking at clouds and seeing shapes in them.

1st Sky Cloud Image Rhema May 2014 SNAG-0003At first she said “it looks like God”… … then she said later it was “a bunny”….then she said “it looks like Rhema!” LOL!  She has quite the imagination!

Sky Cloud Looking3 Garden 1 May 2014 SNAG-0016Oh, and the green sticks in her hands are her drum sticks!  We were listening to dancing music and drumming out some awesome tunes for our garden plants to enjoy!  Yes, we think they all enjoyed the concert and they are all happy and thriving!