Cupcakes are Yummy!

Before Christmas Rhema and Momma did a brief presentation for the Civitan group.  It was so wonderful to give them an update on Rhema’s progress with her Hippo therapy and to visit with them before the holidays.  The purpose of our visit was to promote our Rhema Miracle Wagon Drive and give opportunity for them to ask questions about the Outreach.  Our presentation went well and we had a lovely lunch together; Rhema LOVED the cupcake they gave her!

Several weeks later I received a call from the President of the Civitans who was very excited with amazing news—they decided to fund SIX wagons for our Outreach!  WOW!  I was speechless!  My original goal was to be happy if we collected five our first year and then would try to double that number the next year and so on.  To surpass our goal in one shot was utterly amazing!  When we had our Wagon Assembly Day the President of the Civitans brought all six of the wagons in her SUV for me so I did not have to try to haul them plus Rhema!

The Scout Master had some help from his son who told me that he could help because he had big muscles, which he demonstrated and allowed me to feel his biceps as proof!

The amazing Scouts went to work right away on the six new wagons and I was able to take the President of the Civitan’s picture with two of the wagons that had already been assembled. The Rhema Miracle Outreach Team cannot express enough the gratitude to the Civitans for their support of our “Show Some Love” Outreach.  Our first year has been a HUGE success and you guys have been a HUGE part of that success!  Blessings to you guys for all you do for our local community and for the children and families who are at Children’s Hospital in Birmingham!