Church Wagon Feb 2014 SNAG-0000Rollin’ In My Wagon At Church!

Last Sunday was our first time back at church in a while; it was so awesome to be around folks who love us!  I love my church family!!!! Rhema was completely comfortable in her wagon and momma got to stay for the whole service.  Yahoooo!  Rhema sat in her wagon for worship and colored with her little friend, Anna Kate, and then for the sermon we ducked into the sound-booth nook.  Rhema’s daddy ran the media, Rhema watched a Bible movie on her tablet and momma FINALLY got to hear Pastor Dave’s wonderful sermon!  Oh goodness how I have missed hearing Dave preach! Listening to him is like comfort-food for my soul; I cannot explain it any other way.  Listening to my Pastor, who is totally in love with Jesus,  talk about my Precious God just soothes my soul.  I think that we’ve found a good solution for the next 5-6 weeks while Rhema is in casts!  She and I can worship together and then we duck back our little nook and I get to stay and listen to the sermon.  Yea!  Psalm 91:1 comes to mind…. “dwelling in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty”……Yes, I think our little nook at the church will do just fine for momma and Rhema! 

Headed out soon…..Going with anticipation…. going to our nook to encounter a living, approachable God….. how cool is that?!!!!  We Are Blessed!