Church Supper June 2014 SNAG-0012Rhema’s Little Pal Carson!

Rhema and Momma attending a church dinner at Papa & Gida’s church; it’s the church that I (momma) grew up in.  I loved seeing all the faces that I dearly love; so many folks who practically raised me and praying me through growing up.  Most of these folks are still praying for us daily and are a huge part of Rhema’s prayer warrior team.

Julie Painting Rhemas Nails June 2014 SNAG-0014Pink Sparkle Nails!

Rhema would not eat as the noise level was too high, so momma thought ahead and brought out the pink polish!  Rhemas has talked many times recently about wanting her nails polished so her sweet friend Julie stepped in as her manicurist.

Julie Painting Rhemas Nails2 June 2014 SNAG-0013All Smiles!

Momma and Julie had to blow on Rhema’s nails because the sparkle layer would not dry quickly.  Rhema laughed so hard at us both blowing on her nails!

It was so wonderful to be among my “family” at mom’s church.  So many of those folks are so dear to my heart that I tear up when I see them.  What a wonderful thing it is to grow up with an extended “family” as a child!  I pray every night for my precious Rhema to have many, many folks surround her with love, caring and prayers during every season of her life.  I had that experience growing up and I so desire for her to have that as well.  God is faithful and we already have some wonderful folks that talk to her every Sunday at church.  She calls them her “worship friends”!  We had some friends over from church to the house for dinner and Rhema just smiled so sweetly at them the whole time they were here.  When they left her first words were, “Where did my worship friends go? Did they go home to night night?”  LOL!  When we went to bed that night she informed me that at church she wanted to give them a “worship hug and sugar”.  My momma’s heart melted; praise you Jesus that Rhema feels such love from her church family!  God is good!