Church Train Kids October 2013 SNAG-0004Wooooo- wooooooo!

At church, on many a Sunday, Rhema and her wheelie become a train and she has lots of little “cars” that follow her around.  Rhema seems to enjoy it and loves when they push her fast, however the “driver/pusher” is usually not really skilled and inevitably Rhema is rammed into random objects as they go.  She does not seem to care and loves all the play!  I, on the other hand, get concerned that she will get hurt, but also love also seeing her have fun.  So, I take my cue from her and  just monitor the fun and occasionally say, “watch where your driving” or “slow down please.”  It takes constant surveillance though (which makes it hard for me to visit with anyone); one Sunday before I could stop them, they scuffed her face on a row of  chairs.  She had abrasions on her face for a while after that incident.  She does not put out a hand or arm to protect herself; she has just not learned that yet.  Rhema has a lot to learn, but with me closely monitoring her, I hope she will learn to play and protect herself at the same time.

Church Train Kids2 October 2013 SNAG-0003They love that her front wheels light up as they roll, and with the church lights turned down, the wheels really sparkle as they wiz by!