Rhema and Santa Together Again!

Our family so enjoyed the Spina Bifida Christmas Party this year!  Rhema enjoyed getting to see her ol’ buddy Santa Clause!  She just sat on his lap and chilled like they were old friends.  When we returned to our table she kept right on waving, blowing kisses and saying “good to see you!”  It was so cute!

We love us some Marines!

Santa via. the Marine’s “Toys for Tots” brought gifts for all the children!  Rhema got three gifts!  Santa knew what he was doing as they all were perfect:  one was a mixer toy and Rhema loves to watch her daddy cook, one was a toy with a slide and she LOVES to slide, and the last one was a baby doll with a potty and Rhema is very fascinated with potties right now and we will start some “potty time” with her after the new year.  How amazingly perfect these all were for her right now!

Rhema got to do her first craft project at the SBA Christmas Party!   “Clause!”

 During the craft time Rhema had to eat so we were sad she missed the opportunity to participate.  However the craft girls were so sweet to get their supplies out and do the craft with Rhema right before we had to leave.  Rhema held so still as the girl painted her hand white with paint and then placed her hand on the paper.   It was so precious to see my girl do her first craft!!  Last year Rhema was in the hospital and did not get to do any Christmas parties so watching her get to experience this for the first time was very meaningful!

Here it is!  That’s her little, white hand print for Clause’s beard!  Sooo precious!