Rhema saw her Mickey sticking out of her stocking and it was love at first sight!  Recently she watched a “Mickey Clubhouse” cartoon and she’s in love with the Mouse! 

She did finally open a present out of her stocking and then she sat quietly and played with it for about 20 minutes while all her cousins ripped through their stockings.  Rhema would occasionally pause and look up from playing to see one of them hold up a toy and then she would say ” want to hold it!” and would reach for their toy, but then when she realized that was not an option she would return to playing.  It was so funny to watch her watch all the fun, chaotic festivities around her.  Rhema mostly looked like she enjoyed all the fun frenzy, but there were several times it would get so loud she would hide her face and refuse to come out.  Her sweet, patient daddy would take her out of the room occasionally to allow her to decompress; he had the genius idea of ear plugs for Rhema and having those did seem to help her more.

My sister built this puppet theater for my brother’s two precious kids and we all really enjoyed the “shows” performed by various folks!  I’ve already put my order in for Christmas 2013 for Rhema to get a special puppet theater from her very creative Aunt Cha-cha.  Rhema LOVED the puppets and had the biggest smiles every time another puppet popped out from behind the red curtains.  All the adults loved the “shows” too; they were so hilarious to watch!  What is great is the theater has not yet been moved and so the “shows” continue from various adults and kids; it has been hysterical!



Momma and Rhema sitting watching folks open presents.

Rhema got so excited at times; she wanted to get down so badly and run around with all the kids.  My prayer is next year she will be either chasing them with her feet or her wheels– chasing either way is fine with me!


When Rhema got too squirmy she sat with her daddy and decided to play the “upside-down” game!  


For a kid with a VP shunt this is not a game that we allow to be played for very long, but she enjoys it and will shriek and laugh!  She was so funny everyone got a good laugh at her having so much fun!

Rhema had a wonderful Christmas this year and to have her healthy is our best Christmas present. She is such a blessing and even though her journey is a difficult one, we are blessed to have her and the joy she brings to our lives.  Merry Christmas dear, precious Rhema and many, many more!!!