Pony Gait Trainer

Rhema is working so hard to learn how to roll forward in her gait trainers.  She has got moving backwards down pat, now she’s got to figure out how to move her feet forward and move forward.  We use the Christmas tree and the ornaments as incentive so hopefully she will figure it out soon. 🙂


Rhema has no problem riding her bike forward!  She almost took out the Christmas tree recently and knocked it over because she drove right into it!  Her legs are getting so much stronger and she can peddle really fast now.  Pretty much at this point inside riding of the bike may be over so we will have to take our fun outside when it’s not so cold.  Maybe we can find a large, inside space to take her to ride when it’s cold….hmmmm… I will have to work on that idea.  But for right now, we are just so proud that we have to chase her and watch what she runs into!  Praise the Lord and where’s my running shoes?!