Sleeping Rhema Dec 2013 SNAG-0002Her shirt says, “Show me the presents” LOL!

**This post was done earlier in the week–before the shunt issues……

I loved this picture of Rhema in her Christmas PJ’s and wanted to share it with ya’ll….

Rhema is loving the new books every night!  We open (I’m still doing most of the opening) a new book and read it and then most nights she requests one more.  Typically by the last page of the second book she is out like a light.  I always pray over her, rather she is asleep or awake, and for the last few nights I’ve fallen asleep with her in the chair during prayers!  Yup, I’ve been one tired momma lately!  I love the time with her each night; it is the highlight of my day.  We are now calling it “Christmas Cuddle Time”!

She is still waking up every night crying so we are still not out of the woods yet I feel with her discomfort.  We are working on different ways to address it and I pray we find a solution quickly.  We covet your prayers for a solution for her discomfort and for her to get back to a regular sleeping pattern.  Thank you for your continued prayer for our “sleeping beauty”; we are blessed!